Martian vs Gravity and My Thoughts

To see a movie, I like to go to a cinema that has like 20 theaters and stadium seating.

But lately I’ve been branching out and seeing movies in the tiny theater in my little town. It only shows two movies at a time, and the lobby area is pretty cramped, but hey, movies are under $10 at night, and a matinee is $5.

There’s a kids snack pack that anyone can buy at the concession stand that costs $4.50. For that you get a small drink, popcorn, and a bag of either Skittles or M&Ms. It’s plenty! So if you go to a matinee, you can see a movie and get a drink and popcorn for under $10. That is a great deal, my friend.

Anyway, my son and I went to this theater the other day and saw The Martian with Matt Damon. What a great movie! Afterward, I compared it to Sandra Bullock’s space movie Gravity, which she stars in virtually alone, like Damon does in The Martian.

The difference between the two shows is humor. The Martian has lots of it. I don’t remember even cracking a smile over Gravity.

I guess there’s another difference. In The Martian, Damon’s character is on a planet, and all the activity takes place on solid ground. Yeah, there’s no air, so you still know that if either his sealed living area or, when he’s outside, his spacesuit, are breached, he’s not going to be able to breathe and he will certainly die. But there’s a kind of comfort, even if deluded, in knowing he’s on solid ground.

However in Gravity, Bullock’s character spends the entire movie—if I’m remembering right—just floating around in a space ship. There’s no comfort of solid ground anywhere. You have this sense of foreboding throughout the entire movie (which is sort of tiring, if you ask me; there’s no relief from it).

Does she die at the end? I don’t remember. I really don’t like sad endings, so maybe that’s why I don’t remember the end of Gravity. But I think she does.

Which, now that I think about it, is another difference between the two movies. A huge difference, actually. Bullock’s character dies at the end (I think), and Damon’s character is rescued.

So there you have three differences: humor versus no humor; comfort of character on solid ground vs discomfort of character floating in space; and lastly, character lives vs character dies.

I came out of The Martian happy. I like movies with happy endings, where the main character lives. Also, I just like Matt Damon. He’s the real deal.