Books, Love and You've Got Mail

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OK, so probably my all-time favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail: You can see what I'm talking about here. Yeah, it ranks even higher than the Lord of the Rings. Which is saying a lot.

Why? Well, for five reasons.

One, it’s about bookstores, and I adore bookstores because I love books. Real books. Books that are printed on paper, that get dogeared and wrinkled and sometimes chewed up. Books that are crisp, with creative covers, and white page blocks. Books that are old, with cloth boards, and gilt titles, and embossed covers. Books that are miniature and cute. Books that are giant and could kill a small child if accidentally dropped.

I adore bookstores not only because they contain books but because they are mysterious. It’s like you’re walking into a room that is full of life and adventure and sorrow and joy, all waiting to be experienced, but hidden between the covers of all those books. You can’t access those experiences until you take the books down and open them and turn the pages. Mystery! Anticipation! How fun is that?!

The second reason I love the movie is because it stars Tom Hanks. He is just such a natural, right? I mean, his characters are always completely genuine, completely believable. Also, because he’s not incredibly good-looking, he really seems more like one of us. Not a high-powered A-list movie star. He’s just a guy like us, and he happens to make incredible movies.

The third reason I love the movie is because it also stars Meg Ryan, who has to be the most adorable creature on this planet. She is not at all sexy, and her hair always looks like a 4-year-old got to it with scissors while she was sleeping. But she pulls off this amazing screen presence and, like Hanks, makes it look completely effortless.

The fourth reason I love the movie is the story line and the plot and character development. Yeah, I know, it’s not super deep, but there still is development that happens.

And the fifth reason I love the movie is that it has a great, great ending. I’m a fan of great endings. I ALWAYS say, I watch movies to escape for a while and feel happy at the end. A movie with a sad ending or a stupid ending is a complete waste of my time.

So there you have it. My five most excellent reasons why You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies of all time.